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Marcos Vinicius
January 07, 2020

10 New Year's Resolution Statistics Gym Owners should know (part I/II)


Gym owners brace yourselves: “It's the most wonderful time of the year!”, Just like in that popular Christmas song recorded by the singer Andy Williams in 1963.The holidays are gone... but the weight isn't, am I right?


So, we hit the gym once again and for better or worse we figured out that we’re not alone and you literally NEVER walk alone. The Gym is flooded with brand new members chasing after their New Year’s resolutions and so are we.


stretching-498256_1920While it might be a good thing for Gym owners, getting some extra cash, increasing revenue, it can also be such a headache. There are a lot of things happening during the next few months. 


Now we will introduce you to the most important statistics of New Year's Resolution that substantially impact your Fitness Business.


  1. 50% of Gym members say they are loyal to the gym because of location (MSISE)

    Free and easily accessible parking for clients. Be sure you’re selecting a facility where the noise won’t disturb your neighbors. Find a space with sufficient square meters, so it will be enough for your prospects and your business will also have enough space to grow. Find out who your competitors are, besides paying attention to the demographics of the neighborhood of course, because you won't make the mistake of having a high-cost (or low-cost) gym that doesn't appeal to the surroundings.

  2. 56% of Current gym members don’t like New Year’s resolutioners according to complaints from current members (CouponCabin)

    "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" is a phrase widely attributed to Bill Gates. If it's his or not, either way gym owners would definitely learn a lot about his/her clients by listening to them. However, there is an easier way to collect the right type of data that will impact your customer experience.

    How can you do it? By tracking equipment and space, of course. Becoming aware of your gym membership behavior and how gym equipment have been used can assist you to set up strategies for higher cashflow and better return on investment. If you fail to understand your customers, most of them will simply go else elsewhere without thinking twice...

  3. 12% of all new gym memberships occur in January (IHRSA)

    How about creating new welcoming and engagement strategies for your members?  There are simple things that can make them Feel Welcome, for instance: Offer a refreshment table, coffee, new membership giveaways. Managing to keep your new members from canceling can make a difference in your business.

  4. 46% of ex gym members claimed the reason they quit was due to cost (IHRSA)

    Many gym managers struggle with expensive monthly payments of fitness equipment. Either you are starting a new fitness center or purchasing a new equipment to your gym, is not unusual spending 100.000 or even 200.000 euros in machines. So, we suggest you to acquire only equipment and space that are really going to be used thus you may offer better and more affordable gym membership pricing to your customers.
  5. 80% of New Year’s resolutioners quit by the end of February (Business Insider)

    If that's something that happens every year, so what are you waiting for to anticipate it? you must have a plan for Gym membership retention. Get your new members connected in fitness challenges, free events, use more social media, create a members-only exclusive online groups. Offer something they won't have in another gym, it will assist them to stick with their resolutions and feel appreciated. 

Happy New Year 2020! the change doesn't happen alone,let's make it happen.


Written by Marcos Vinicius, Junior Sales Manager at Indoor Informatics.


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