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Teemu Toivonen
November 29, 2018

A trip to the space station with data


Recently we did an inventory on all the data we’ve collected as we were interested in learning more about the fitness favorites of the Finnish people. We ended up digging through the data and producing for our customers the autumn reports which were highly praised. We came to realize we actually know quite lot.


This year alone we collected and processed over 12 years’ worth of active training data from our customers' premises around Finland. It was really interesting to see, that Finnish people take good care of their health by exercising at gyms, but also that there might be room for optimization at those gyms.


Based on the data, we can without a shadow of doubt say that cardio is one of the key elements in the exercise routine of a Finn. And when summing up all the steps taken and all the pulls made, Finns have already gone far with their cardio:

  • 4.900 hours running. With an average running speed of 9 km/h this time equals to 44.000 kilometers or roughly once around the Earth!
  • 4.200 hours biking. With an average cycling speed of 15.5 km/h this translates to 64.800 kilometers or approximately one and a half times around the Earth!
  • 6.700 km rowing means that Finns have made their way from Helsinki to London and back!
  • With the stairs climbed at the gym Finns are only 60 km away from the international space station!

In total the distance traveled by people at the gyms could take us around the Earth 3 times. And we’ve just scratched the surface.


Written by Teemu Toivonen, Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.


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