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Marcos Vinicius
November 25, 2019

Excited about the Future of Education?

Last week was exciting for us. It was a little taste of what’s already shaping the future of education worldwide and that’s powerful.


We participated Xcited2019 which was an edtech event held in Espoo, Finland on November 20th gathering hundreds of entrepreneurs, educators, investors and policy-makers around one purpose: talk about education technology.




From the far east Asia to Western Europe, what I’ve witnessed in the event was people genuinely sharing responsibility for finding ways to bring Education to the 21st century.

This event reminded me of a story. The story is about a time traveler.


“Once upon a time a man was living a dull life in the very far away future and decided to travel back in time. He thought that it would be fun searching for more excitement and enriching experiences in the past than in his present moment.He adjusted his time machine to some point in the 19th century. He spent a few months living there, enjoying all the novelty of living in the past. He fell in love with a local girl who was very much into science and science fiction literature.

The time traveler eventually got homesick, thus he convinced his partner to time travel along with him. In short, she went “back to the future” and was amazed with all the things that the future offers. Obviously, many things were brand new to her, it felt like she was living a dream.

However, she noticed that two things haven't changed regardless of time: churches and schools. She could easily spot the churches and schools in the city of the future, not only the architecture remained the same but also their approach, teaching and assessment methods. Everything has changed but churches and schools.”


Education is the most powerful tool in the world and everybody knows it somehow, regardless of one's origin, social class, ethnicity or beliefs. We all have this “gut feeling” about education, an instinct that tells us that it can be the turning point for families and nations in order to build autonomous citizens with critical thinking skills for living in this technology driven world. On the other hand, the lack of access to education can have truly disastrous consequences to one’s nation.


We’re all living in a world that has been facing a demographic shift. It impacts our societies and more specifically impacts education. While some countries must find a way to offer education to everyone in a high birth rate population, others deal with low birth rates and an aging population that impacts their higher education sector. We've all heard Albert Einstein's famous line:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

It's time to change.


How can we cope with the challenges of Demographic shift around the world?

We must identify new solutions for that. We honestly believe that utilization tracking of real estate combined with data driven decision is the best solution to cope with such challenges. ClassPlus is a modern business way to rethink efficiency and make the most out of any higher education institutes’ capacity of classrooms. Converting data into action, an efficient space planning can turn it into an economically viable option, delivering significant cost savings, better management of resources that can be reinvested in more research, attracting quality teaching staff and new students.

Societal shifts have clear impact in any country's education system. It either reduces the numbers for university enrollment (because of declining birth rates or social inequality) or universities get crowded due to high birth rates and the misuse of facilities. Eitherway, this phenomena forces governments and universities to work under tight constraints on budget.

Education is synonym of information and information is power.

The exponential pace of technology change must be used in a better and more engaging way to educate our people. What we do now echoes in future. What we do and how we deal with so much information in the Information Era is critical not just for living in the present but also paving our future, not just any future, a good one for everyone.




We were there in the most exciting EdTech event Ever.


Written by Marcos Vinicius, Junior Sales Manager at Indoor Informatics.


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