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Marcos Vinicius
December 10, 2019

First impressions from UniSport

Jassi Koskimies-1

Jassi Koskimies has a solid background in the Finnish Fitness industry.
She has studied in the Suomen urheiluopisto (Vierumäki - Finland Sports Institute), Fitness Academy of Finland (FAF) and currently is the sports
planner in the six centers of the Unisports. UniSport is a joint venture
between University of Helsinki, Hanken School of Economics and
Aalto University offering sports and promoting wellbeing in the
academic community and society in general.



Indoor Informatics - What was the “pain point” that motivated you as a gym manager to explore and have a better understanding of the gym equipment and layout?


Jassi - Well...we believe that the number one “pain point” here in the city centre of Helsinki is the high volume of customers, especially in the peak hours. We figure out that there wasn’t space for everyone in the busiest hours, space has really become an issue to cope. Of course having so many clients in our gym is something that makes us proud of, but on the other hand it might also affect our customer’s experiences. So we started thinking about what kind of changes we could make for happier members. Then last spring we’ve met you guys in the FIBO 2019 (Global Fitness exhibition), we heard about the GymPlus and it sounded exciting, fitting our plans.


Indoor Informatics - How did you experience the on-boarding and installation of GymPlus?


Jassi - It was good, it went well. We had some minor unexpected issues regarding the University regulations while installing few extra cameras, but nothing much. One thing I didn’t know was that I had to categorize and check all the equipment features in the Gym. Like name, brand, how much it cost. It took me some time to make it, but no big deal. I wish I knew it before, though.


UniSport Kluuvi


Indoor Informatics - what surprised you the most about the data gathered so far?


Jassi - What surprised us the most so far is that we figured out that gym equipment that we thought were underused (or not used at all) are actually used by our clients. I must say that was kind of impressive, a very positive surprise. For instance, we realized that the treadmills are used very much, more than we expected.


UniSport Kluuvi 2


Indoor Informatics - What are your expectations on optimizing the floor space in your Fitness Club?


Jassi - All this data gonna be very useful for us. We’ll get the most out of it, we are looking forward for the upcoming data, we are curious about what else we can get out of this data. We’re going to have some changes in the gym floor soon, so we gonna see how this data gonna work for better solutions to improve customer services and better usage of square meters.


Interviewed by Marcos Vinicius, Junior Sales Manager at Indoor Informatics.



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