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November 25, 2019

First Summer job of a Young talent

This summer we got an opportunity to give a young talent his first touch in working life. Santeri has always been interested in computer science so it was a good match. Lets give him a word.


Hi. My name is Santeri. I am fourteen years old boy and I am from Rovaniemi, Finland. I was working for Indoor Informatics last summer and I was improving their software.


Santeri blogikuva


Why am I interested of computers and softwares?


I have been interested of computers and other devices from young age. In my opinion they are very interesting because you are able to do very many different things with computer. I’m interested of programming too because if you are able to program or write codes you can do much more with computers and create your own softwares if you want.


What my first real job felt like?


It was very comfortable. I liked my job because I get working with computers, job wasn’t too boring and it wasn’t too hard, actually it was partly bit too easy.


What I learned and do I feel I could continue with same kind of job?


I learned something about programming and what kind of is having a real job. Now I feel that I could continue with same kind of job, but little bit more extensive and maybe more harder because my job was very similar all the time and it was pretty easy, but I think I could do same kind of job when I am older.


What would I like to study after primary school?


I would like to study in high school and my favourite lessons now are mathematics, chemistry, physics, PE and information technology.


Written by Santeri Illikainen, Summer trainee in Indoor Informatics.


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