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Aki Illikainen
September 01, 2020

Getting advised - EEX Journey

"If your company ever has a chance to apply a program like Kiuas Accelerator, YOU SHOULD DO IT." 


I stated a year ago - If you don't trust yourself, who can you trust? 


At Indoor Informatics, we always seek new opportunities to develop ourselves and business we do.


We've been open-minded for new industries to support by using our core expertise and knowledge. A good example of this is our own story. It started from the gyms, went through meeting / classroom optimization, and led us to work with outdoor parking areas.


This year we launched a new service, PlayPlus, for outdoor playground and fitness areas together with one of the leading equipment provider of outdoor play and fitness in Finland, LeikkiSet. Currently we are piloting the system with various Finnish cities and expecting results never seen before in this particular industry.



During the past years we've worked hard. Trying to do the best in behalf of our customers and partners. It seems good things happen to good people. It seems. In the beginning of the summer Elisa and her team contacted us. They were willing to see if Indoor Informatics would fit their famous startup program EEX Journey


"The EEX journey deploys corporate leaders and key talents to help startup entrepreneurs as advisors. Over the journey you will grow as a leader and develop competencies and culture needed for cooperation."

EEXOf course, we were delighted and wanted in. After all, Indoor Informatics have been and still is working with EXCELLENT advisors like Riina Salmimies, Jyrki Hannula and Olli Luukkonen. So we knew how valuable out of the box perspective can be given by these professionals with their experiences from other businesses.


Here we are. Our virtual Kick-Off is today and we get to meet other Advisors and Entrepreneurs. Once again, it's time to reveal our most darkest secrets to a bunch of totally new people. They all have long careers and rock-solid expertise in their personal field of business. 


Dear readers, next I'd like to introduce you to our amazing team of advisors in EEX Journey:

  • Päivi Castren, Senior Advisor at AaltoEE 
    Päivi has an extensive experience in people development and Human Resources. She has been holding a number of HR management and leadership roles in Finnish, globally operating technology companies like Valmet Paper Machinery, Nokia and Wärtsilä.

    Over 30 years of international experience in people management including leadership development, change management, remuneration, talent development, strategic resourcing & recruitment has not fulfilled her urge to learn new things, meet new people and support new businesses on the road of growth. Something we Indoorians are very much aiming at.

  • Juhani Kankaanpää, Director, Supply Chain Development at Orion
    Juhani is responsible for development of supply chain (purchasing, production and logistics) in his position at Orion, a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. During Juhani's career he has been involved in running international transformation programs related to operations improvement.

    At this point, we could say that the most interesting area of knowledge from Indoor's perspective is Juhani's experience from acquisitions. He has been involved in screening and valuating acquisition candidates but also been in charge of DD-processes and in responsible for post-merger integration after an acquisition has happened.

    This understanding gives Indoor a good perspective in the current process where we aim towards our next big goal of being ready for the first round of external investment.

  • Kalle Kiesi, Program Manager at Nokia 
    Kalle's 25+ years experience working for Nokia in various roles related to Research, Research Management, R&D Management, Process Development and Strategy. Currently with Nokia Mobile Networks as a Program Manager in System on Chip Development Unit has made he as perfect match to a technology startup like Indoor Informatics.

    In his spare time Kalle likes to do low intensity exercises like walking and fishing. He also finds interesting to follow sports and the state of the global economy. 

  • Sami Pakarinen, Chief Economic Advisor at EK
    Sami's expertise lies in economics and data analysis. He has
    a PhD degree from Aalto University where he focused on a research of real estate. His doctoral dissertation was Semiparametric Efficiency Analysis of Housing Markets. Something we at Indoor warmly welcome aboard. 

    Sami works at Confederation of Finnish Industries EK as a chief economic policy advisor. He leads a team of four person and is responsible of producing the business cycle barometer and confidence indicator for EK. He is also an active person in board working  (chairman of the board at Maalarimestarien Oy and a board member at Finnish Centre for Pensions)

We are delighted. It's again something totally new. Even we have worked with advisors before, we never have had as good structure to work which EEX Journey now provides us.

I give the full respect and thank you the team of EEX Journey and maybe even more Päivi, Juhani, Kalle and Sami who are willing to invest their time in us for the next 12 months. We seek to give you the best possible guidance into this highly interesting, inspiriting and sometimes surprising world of young entrepreneurs. 


Sincerely yours,


Aki Illikainen, CEO & Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.

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