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Teemu Toivonen
February 28, 2019

January Effect – The new fitness lifestyle still holds? (part II/II)


Some time has passed since the new-year-resolutioners hit the gym and it is time to take a look if people have stuck with their new lifestyle.


In this post we use data from weekday evenings. Time of week when fitness clubs are the most crowded (Mo - Fri, 4 - 8 PM).



If the week post New Year’s Eve is excluded a subtle barely unnoticeable decline can be identified:

  • On average a piece of equipment is used for one hour every evening (maximum being four hours)
  • The use drops on average 0,14% per week (totaling to a 1% drop from early Jan to late Feb) meaning that on average a piece of equipment is used two minutes less on week 8 than it was on week 2

Is this an indication of people skipping on their gym days?


It’s still too early to say based on average use only and it is important to take a further look at the use of different types of equipment. It is quite common that beginners are instructed to use certain equipment or naturally gravitate towards those. These include e.g. exercise bikes and treadmills which have seriously suffered in popularity over the past weeks.


One might be seeing less and less of beginners at the gym or less heavy-duty-lifters burning of their Christmas calories on the treadmills. Nonetheless, you might want to take a look at your newly acquired customers and if they are still visiting your gym as frequently as they were in January.


Gaining in popularity are, in turn, free weights, benches and racks. These might be the equipment favored by your regulars and making sure they don’t become bottlenecks and cause frustrating queuing would make sense.

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Written by Teemu Toivonen, Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.

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