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Ilyas Boudrari
September 12, 2019

More muscle.

We are finally getting some full time muscle on board. In this post we proudly introduce you to our new Sales Manager, Ilyas Boudrari.


It's been almost 10 days since I started my new adventure of a Sales Manager at Indoor Informatics, so far it's going super nice and very soon I'll be leading our sales team and expanding the sales operations globally (I can't wait for it).


I worked for many startups and agencies in Finland and have been successful in selling software to C-level executives and top management of SMBs and large corporations here in Finland or in Europe and I help them to grow their numbers in Sales and make them even more bigger.


I'm a big fan of Slush, in my free time you will find me probably wake-boarding in some warm place or working-out at the gym.


Working at Indoor Informatics is a good chance for me to combine between 2 things that I like the most, Sports (Specially working-out in the gym) and learning new technologies (AI).


Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to hear more on how we use AI to analyze the use of equipment and space in sport facilities and gyms and help you to make the right decisions.


Written by Ilyas Boudrari, Sales Manager in Indoor Informatics


#startup #growth #happycustomers #toptalent #gymplus #indoorinformatics #customerdevelopment

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