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Aki Illikainen
November 11, 2020

Responding to COVID-19 with the Availability Service

The push from Covid-19


Gyms are critical in their spending and in tough times spending needs to increase their probability of survival. We too have been forced to re-think our value proposition in the face of COVID-19. And we've come out with a brand new service to re-create a sense of safety for gyms.

Adjusting to the 'new normal'


In Spring 2020, governments responded to the corona crisis with dramatic changes in public regulation, that hit the gym industry hard. Fitness clubs around the world were forced to limit maximum occupancy or even close their doors completely. With declining prospects in our international markets, we too had to regroup and sadly had to let go two members of our team initially recruited to target international growth.


The idea


With the escalating crisis, we decided to focus on our GymPlus and draft a new data-based service. Very quickly, Business Finland came on board to support us. To test end-customer demand, we surveyed 400 people at multiple gyms. 9 out of 10 people felt that a real-time availability service indicating occupancy at their home gym would, under the current circumstances, allow for them to feel safer and would promote their early return to their fitness routines. This then became the GymPlus Availability service.


The results are impressive


After implementing the new service, we've been able to support a strong growth of total training time spent at the gym floor with all of our Availability customers. 


The effect of availability information has had a profound effect on daily visiting times. Peak times have become less and previous off-hours have gained popularity.


For a gym owner, one of the astonishing and positive outcomes has been increased traffic at their website. The Availability service is most often part of the gym website driving traffic to the site. This increased traffic also improves standings in search engines, like Google.

(unique website visitors doubled in four months)


Let's make this happen for you too!

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GymPlus in use, what do the end-customers think?


The most liked Instagram post for the past two years @ Kuosigym



One of the all time most liked posts @ Fit Keilaniemi



Positive and encouraging comments @ Hanhivaaran Liikuntakeskus

and @ Rajamäen Uimahalli as well

installation_hanhivaara advertising_rajamaki

You can check how the availability information looks like above from the websites of these customers.


Bright future


Yesterday world got amazing news about the efficiency of Pfizer's corona vaccine. 


Finally there is some light in horizon. First commercial vaccination may happen already this year which gives us much more hope on our journey of the economical recovery. It's thrilling to know, we are going to be a part of this process.


GymPlus will help thousands and thousands of people to begin their personal journeys for restoring physical activity.


Sincerely yours,


Aki Illikainen, CEO & Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.


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